At Parker Hudson, we take the development of our professionals very seriously. Our development process is built around providing new attorneys with the guidance, training, and support they need to grow to be true counselors to the firm’s clients.


Parker Hudson associates benefit from the substantial time and energy that we put into mentoring. As part of orientation and onboarding, each new attorney in the firm is assigned a mentor, who helps with the transition into the firm and the work of the practice group. Attorneys are encouraged to evolve from mentoring assignments to organic mentoring relationships to further their career advancement and client service acumen.


New attorneys are exposed to a variety of work across the firm’s practice groups and with the experienced partners within these groups. Each practice group has developed a catalog of experiences and competencies that attorneys should work through in growing their careers. This catalog allows the practice group to drive training and assignments to help ensure that attorneys are developing their careers and their expertise to most efficiently serve clients' needs.


Our attorneys receive regular feedback on their experiences and work product, as well as formal evaluations based on the core competencies of their practice groups. Recognizing that legal work products and clients' needs evolve, practice groups also meet regularly to share and discuss developments in the law, while the firm offers firm-wide programs for attorney skills development.

We also encourage each attorney to “go beyond” the basics of CLE compliance and strive for deep knowledge of the latest legal developments and nuances in the attorney’s area of practice. To this end, the firm covers registration fees for  CLE programs attended.