Healthcare Partner David Darden’s Georgia Supreme Court argument on behalf of Wellstar is featured in the article, “An Old Letter Raises Legal Question of Public or Private Right” published in The Daily Report on September 1, 2023.

David argued before the Supreme Court of Georgia on behalf of Wellstar Windy Hill Hospital that the Hospital’s Certificate of Need right to offer general acute care services pursuant to a 1996 agency letter is protected by the Georgia constitution, and that the Department of Community Health’s contrary ruling is not due judicial deference. These issues are likely to be of interest to any Georgia hospital, any litigant interested in the growing body of Georgia jurisprudence regarding “private” versus “public” rights, and parties who seek judicial review of agency decisions.

In addition to David Darden, the team representing Wellstar includes Parker Hudson lawyers Armando Basarrate and Grace Blood, and outside co-counsel Robert Ingram, David Conley, and Amy Levin Weil.

To view David’s argument before the Supreme Court of Georgia, please click here (scroll down to the third video).

To view the article, please click here (subscription required).