Ron Coleman will be co-presenting "Spotlight on Advanced Termination Issues and Incurable Defaults" at the ABA Annual Forum on Franchising on October 30 at 9:00 a.m. EDT. 

The presentation will discuss how franchise terminations require diligent investigation and analysis to avoid potential liability and to accomplish the franchisor’s business goals and how contract requirements and relationship laws in some states impose restrictions on a franchisor's ability to terminate. Many termination scenarios are not as straightforward as where a franchisee simply does not pay the fees prescribed by the franchise agreement. Relying entirely on an incurable default strategy to terminate a franchise relationship also can be tricky because the line is not always clear as to what is incurable or what can serve as the basis for termination, and the repercussions for choosing poorly are high (as exemplified by California’s recently amended relationship laws). This advanced workshop will address these issues from both the franchisor's and franchisee's perspective, and will go beyond basic termination scenarios to focus on special situations that can complicate termination decisions, including unique applications of good cause, improper use of trademarks or social media, and what is and isn’t an incurable default, and how to prove it and defend against it. 

The Forum on Franchising will be offering other high quality plenary sessions, intensives, and workshops, and will also be hosting several virtual social events. There will be opportunities for the Women’s Caucus, the Diversity Caucus, LADR, the Corporate Counsel Section, Solo/Small Firm members, international lawyers, law professors, and paralegals and franchise administrators to connect virtually.

More details and registration can be found here