Parker Hudson is pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new podcast, “Redefining Health Law with Tara Ravi.” This innovative podcast relates the everyday healthcare experience to the dynamic world of healthcare regulation and its direct impact on delivery, operations, and professionals across the industry.

As both a seasoned healthcare lawyer and an engaged healthcare consumer, Tara Ravi will serve as the host of “Redefining Health Law,” guiding listeners through the intricate landscape of health law while humanizing the healthcare experience. Episodes will examine the latest developments in healthcare and key legal considerations in the healthcare industry.

Listeners can expect Tara to navigate the complex terrain of healthcare governance and regulations, covering a wide range of topics shaping the industry today. “Redefining Health Law” promises to be a go-to resource for understanding the ever-changing dynamics of this critical sector.

“Whether you’re a healthcare professional, legal practitioner, or simply passionate about your personal healthcare experience, ‘Redefining Health Law’ is designed to be your comprehensive guide,” says Tara Ravi. “Join us as we redefine health law together.”

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