Jared Miller will be presiding over the upcoming Advanced Topics in Franchising and Distribution Seminar on March 13 hosted by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education of the State Bar of Georgia. 

Ron Coleman will co-present “Effective Witness Preparation and Presentation in a Franchise Case.” In this session, strategies for effective witness preparation and presentation at deposition and trial will be discussed. Topics will include different philosophies for preparing key deposition witnesses, including whether to advise the witness to keep all responses short and answer just the question asked, or give longer answers that articulate key case themes, preparing witnesses for trial or arbitration, the role inside counsel can play, and ways to explain to a jury, judge, or arbitrator important issues underlying claims or defenses by a franchisor or franchisee.

Scott Zweigel will co-present “Hot Topics in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity.” This session will discuss hot topics in data privacy and security including: the current cybersecurity landscape; the breadth and scope of recent data breaches; the consequences of a cyber attack; recent Georgia decisions impacting privacy and cybersecurity issues; other state privacy laws, including the California Consumer Protection Act; and the push for uniform federal privacy legislation.

Additional details and registration can be found here.