Partner C. Edward Dobbs has been recognized among the “Top 10 Most Influential Mediator Lawyers across USA in 2023” by Business Today.

Business Today recognizes Ed for his “diligent approach and intellect,“ as result of which “he is highly regarded for delivering exceptional results.“

Ed is an accomplished mediator and, in that role, has assisted parties in resolving sizable commercial disputes with significant complexity. His leadership skills, client focus, and encyclopedic knowledge of his areas of practice drive strong confidence in his clients and aids in his coaxing parties to the settlement table in mediations. Ed serves on the American Arbitration Association (AAA) panel of neutrals for complex commercial cases in both arbitrations and mediations. Having developed a national reputation in his commercial lending and debt restructuring practices, Ed is frequently called upon to mediate complex disputes, sometimes involving billions of dollars, in civil suits in state or federal courts or in adversary proceedings in bankruptcy cases throughout the country.

The Business Today Lawyer Awards highlight attorneys that have proven their capabilities in resolving a wide array of complex disputes and come highly recommended by their peers and clients alike.

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